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IEC 61850 User Group
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 Welcome to the IEC61850 Users Group

Good day Folks,  Welcome to our New IEC61850 Users Group sharepoint site.  You can now retrieve your userID and PW using your email address you used when registering.  If you do not already have an account on the new site, you will need to register for a new account...this will be atomatically assigned to you by the new system, and will work across ALL of the new user,, (OpenSG/OpenAMI/UtilityAMI/OpenHAN/AMI-ENT, AMI-SEC, PCT, Zigbee.), and (WG 13, WG14, WG15, WG16, and WG19).  After you have created your account, Your appropriate credentials will be assigned within 48 hours.  Again, Welcome!


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Having Problems Signing Into SharePoint? 
by tony.adams
 3/28/2011 7:49 PM

Having Problems Signing Into the NEW SHAREPOINT Sites?

Having Problems Signing Into the NEW SHAREPOINT Sites? Web Part Menu

Having issues signing on to SharePoint?  Most likely you have an old UCAIug; CIMug; IEC61850ug; or IECTC57 site cookie in your browser.  If you haven't already,...



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If your company is listed as a corporate member of UCAIug and you register for a new account using your company email address, you will be assigned the privileges of your company's membership. If you use any other email address, you will be granted a UCAIug Guest account.

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